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Reprint Poetry provides an additional home to previously published poems that deserve to be read again. We are particularly interested in (but by no means restricted to) works that are already published but are difficult to find. Our aim is to re-call, re-discover, re-turn to and re-possess these beautiful, poetic and amazing pieces. We welcome any suggestions on where to re-discover deserving poetry.

We also endeavour to solicit and publish new and old works by poets we admire.

RP is edited by a group of writers dedicated to good poetry.

If you are interested in having your poetry featured in Reprint, send 1-3 poems at a time to thereprint@gmail.com. Tell us the previous home(s) of each piece and include the link(s), if any. A short third-person biography (no more than 30 words) is optional. Response time is 1 week – 6 months.

This site is updated infrequently.

“This is the right story for a classy mag with shades of Vic­to­rian times or late after­noons on the ceme­tery of Père Lachaise look­ing at the graves of dead poets. Enjoy.” —Marcus Speh 

“[S]o many magazines focus on publishing new material. Reprint Poetry curates poetic gems.” —Leanne Dunic 

“I am looking to give these poems a new home and new exposure, particularly since one was published in print and abroad. But more importantly, I want to see them in the same venue where they can now be compared and contrasted like different core samples taken into my past, since they were written at different periods in my life.” Ben Nardolilli

“So nice when someone writes you out of the blue, asking for permission to reprint a poem of yours, first published in an e-zine and forever archived in dusty electrons, because someone else has turned him onto you and he read your poem and admires it.” —Jee Leong Koh

“In this hurry-up, Internet flash age, good work does slip by quickly and is lost without venues such as yours that support writers and readers.” —Joani Reese (from a private email, reprinted here with Joani’s permission)

“This publication features one poem at a time, along with a brief bio and the author’s selection of one thing from the past she’d like to revive. Mine was a marshmallow sundae with black raspberry ice cream and chocolate sprinkles. They accept a maximum of 3 poems in a submission. Response time was remarkable: within an hour! […] Instant gratification is cool. Getting more mileage out of a poem is cool. The internet offers us the opportunity to extend our publications beyond the first or only place where they appeared.” —Diane Lockward 

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