from Life As A Crossword Puzzle 14. Down

The police helicopter cut donut holes
through the clouds

you pressed your toes between
cotton sheets

and hacked into your childhood memories.
As you drifted off

the voice of a narrator passed through
a distant loud speaker,

he spoke in all run-on sentences, the lingo could
only be recognized

by those who studied popular television sitcoms
of the 1970′s.

Previously published in canwehaveourballback?.

Noah Falck is the author of Snowmen Losing Weight (BatCat Press, 2012). In addition to three chapbooks, recent work has appeared in journals such as Boston Review, H_NGM_N [pdf], Sink Review, and Fact-Simile. He works as the Education Director at Just Buffalo Literary Center. He makes his home in Buffalo, New York. Noah’s “Boss Crashes the Party” and “from Life As A Crossword Puzzle 5. Across” are also in Reprint.

Object(s) to bring back to life: “I would bring back lemonade stands. In the traditional sense. Not the lemonade stands currently featured on corporate commercials. Lemonade stands that manufacture a kind of lemonade that doesn’t really taste like lemonade, where there is either way too much water or way too much sugar. Lemonade stands where there is a high overturn of nickels & dimes and an overwhelming enthusiasm for the process of it all.”