September 2, 2006
Dear Editor,
I am pleased to submit for publication
Five of my most recent poems.
I trust you will appreciate their original diction
And commit them to the pages of your outstanding publication.
Best regards,
Mort Umber

October 7, 2006
Dear Editor,
Having been a discriminating reader
Of the famous poets that have graced the pages of your publication
I feel confident that this new selection I am submitting
Meets the standards you have set for yourself.
Sincerely yours,
Mort Umber

January 1,2007
Dear Editor,
I am sending you two of my new poems
In the hope that you will publish them,
Or at least one of them.
This would greatly please my old and ailing mother.
It will lighten her heart to know I am succeeding.
Most sincerely yours,
Mort Umber

January 27, 2007
Dear Editor,
Strange though it may seem to you
I have come to believe that today
You are due for one of those random acts of kindness
And thereby out of the goodness of your heart
And yet with the consent of your well informed mind
You will publish the enclosed poem.
Most sincerely yours,

February 3, 2007
Dear Editor,
Would Alexander have stridden across Asia
Had he not sliced through the Gordian knot despite all priestly objections?
Likewise, my dear editor today is your time for bold action.
Publish the enclosed poem over the rejections
Of your never to be pleased reviewers.
Yours truly,

March 17, 2007
Dear Editor,
Hundred years from now
Or perhaps ten years
Or even less than a week from now
Nobody will know or care or even remember
Whether you rejected these lovely poems I am sending you.
Yet should you offer them
For the well deserved consideration of your readers
One soul will always fondly remember you to the ends of his days.
Not a small bargain.
Yours truly,

May 5, 2007
Dear Editor,
I know that it is beneath you
To base your decisions
On anything but artistic merit
But would you consider a weekend at my beach cottage,
In the company of my wife.
After days and nights of ceaseless writing
I am desperate
And so is she.

This is an original publication.

Angelaurelio Soldi is a retired Physics teacher and is now trying his heavy hand at poetry. His poetry can be found here.

Object(s) to bring back to life: “Togas, plumed hats (only artificial plumes), fountain pens, hand wound copper cage clocks, grapevine pergolas and pillories. Whether any of them will improve people, the quality of life or make the world safer for our children is immaterial to me. I just want them back badly and for reasons that are not clear to me.”