Beowulf Versus the Spellchecker


eaf lead crying,         lunge rage
fulcrum gorge         fodder allot hears,
ardor of eared),         orbit him left onto
head Half-done;         held ended life,
gambol on gorgeous,         glide scaldings.
mom fewer bean         for grimed

in world woken,         weirdo swan,
Herger on Hogan         on Helga tilt;
hired ice tot         was on élan sewn,
Halo sci-fi gas         heals bedded.
that was Heron glare         here sped given,

wages wear mind,         tut him his winemakers
gene harden,         woo that sea googol grew fox,
mango drift mice.         Him on mod bean
to heal recede         hating wilder,
modern mice,         men dewy cream

done clod bearn         free gear non,
nod third on inning         earl god élan
goon gum and earldom,         swill him god sealed,
button folk scare         one forum gunmen.
an icy wide giver gun         wears gibe nanny

manager mage         geode risen midday nears.

Previously published in Radius Lit.

Ben Nardolilli currently lives in Arlington, Virginia. His chapbook, Common Symptoms of an Enduring Chill Explained was published by Folded Word Press. Ben’s “A Perished Creature” and “A Get-Away” are also in Reprint.

Author’s statement: “I am looking to give these poems a new home and new exposure, particularly since one was published in print and abroad. But more importantly, I want to see them in the same venue where they can now be compared and contrasted like different core samples taken into my past, since they were written at different periods in my life.”.