Self Portraits

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Self Portraits
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Really self-portraits? I’d
say, yeah. I wear glasses.
I am 62.* Yeah, they are
stand-ins for me.

It’s taken a while to face
my age, age my face, or
whatever. I probably look
even older in truth than
I show myself here. But
I am starting to put in
more definite lines.

Actually, it might be fun.
Not wattles particularly, I
have yet to tackle them.
But liver spots could add
some color. Yeah.

Well, thank you, Barbara.
The pleasure is mine.

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Editors’ note: We are grateful for Ralph’s permission to use his work in RP.
Please also see his 
“Just Sketching”“Dreams”  and “Stained Glass Window”.


Ralph Ivy is in his 70s and he is gesturing still. Still talking, looking and wondering. He is still writing about it and drawing about it. Whatever catches the mood. It is the only way he knows to deal with life. He is an artist and he does what he does.

Object(s) to bring back to life: “Ashtrays! Always available. Waiting for elevator. Sipping coffee. Reading at the library. Leaning back in the bus. I want ashtrays! It’s hard to remain 50’s “hip” and flip a butt aside to light another – when all I get is emptiness and disdainful stares. Oh, well… (Ah, wail…) Life in America.”